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Market Regulation in the DR

The New Law

Since the second half of the past decade, the Dominican legal framework has mutated toward a new market regulation contained in the WTO Agreements and other international treaties (CARICOM, Free Trade Agreement with Central America) and the domestic regulations on telecommunications, electronic commerce, energy, antidumping, banking, stock market, health services, access to public information, among others. 

The new institutions

The legal process of management of the legal environment has also changed as a result of the institutional transformation of the Dominican State, in consequence of the creation of new regulatory agencies, such as the Dominican Institute of the Telecommunications, the Superintendence of Electricity, the National Energy Commission, the Superintendence of Securities, among other new instances, as well as by the reform of the Procedural Penal Code. Also, the notable advance reached by the Judicial Branch in terms of jurisprudential production regarding matters third generation juridical rights. 

The Dominican challenge

The journey toward the modernization of the Public Economic Law in the Republic Dominican, still in clear evolution, is a task shared by the State and the Dominican society, as a part of the country/ strategy before the economic opening. 

The entry of the Dominican Republic to the Free Trade Agreement, among Central America, Dominican Republic and the United States of America, contributes to the institutionalization of the country. 

Equally, the legislative agenda covers diverse relative proposals which will furthermore regulate the microeconomics. While in turn, the Judicial and Executive Branches shall assume the important commitment of guaranteeing the efficacy of all these new dispositions. 

The success of this ensemble of efforts will imply the satisfaction of the needs of opportunity and development of all the national society and its insertion in the global community conformed by the new economy

Firms Role

In the professional activities directed to its clientele, as in the extracurricular agenda shared in the community, NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS has assumed the commitment to contribute to the construction of the legal security of all the market agents, subject to rights and duties, in a constitutional order, which stimulate the economic growth and the development of the country. 

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