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Judicial Lawsuits, Administrative Claims And Contentious Resources

Lawsuits, claims and resources on economic law and market regulation in DR.

After the implementation of laws that create new market regulating agencies, the Reform of the Procedural Penal Code, the creation of the Contentious Tributary Court, as well as by the constitutional reforms, administrative decisions and sentences of the Supreme Court of Justice, the promulgation of the Injunction Law, among other recent changes, the possibilities of reivindication and claim of economic rights set against the Administration or regarding other market actors, have boomed. 

Our experience and services offer

Since its foundation, NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS, has participated in solving conflicts related to the claim and restitution of prerogatives in the market of economic agents.  These have included claims under repair of damages, injunction resources, direct and declarative actions in unconstitutionality, among other judicial and prejudicial actions.

Also, claims thru the administrative and contentious way, has been an important area of practice of our firm, participating in a significant quantity of administrative or gracious resources presented before the Internal Taxes General Bureau, the Customs General Bureau, the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications, the National Energy Commission and the Superintendence of Electricity, as well as various contentious resources elevated before the Contentious Tributary Court.

Along with the indicated actions, the firm offers a continuous expert, and up to date consult, regarding Administrative, Constitutional-Economic, Penal-Economic and torts law and connected themes. 

Note: Currently the firm has a conflict of interest regarding resources or any type of request before the General Customs Bureau due to professional commitments assumed with said institution. 

Notable Achievements

In spite of being a young firm, NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS has had a distinguished participation in the transformation of Dominican law, participating in gainful form in various administrative resources, of injunction, as well as in an important direct action in unconstitutionality, which implied the declaration of unconstitutionality of a law voted by the National Congress and promulgated by the Executive Power, which wounded the judicial security and protection of legitimate confidence of the plaintiffs. 

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Note: If you wish to obatin more information on constitucional or administrative / contentious, consult the browser on this web page.

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