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Bulletins Chronological Index

  • Editor’s Note. Reasonableness in Telecommunications Regulation.
  • Fiscal. General Directorate of Internal Taxes Norms y Announcements.
  • Telecommunications. New way of dialing phone calls.
  • Free Trade. First national consultancy for ratifying FTA.
  • Telecommunications. Free National/Local calls.
  • Energy. High Technology Energy Meters.
  • Energy. Renewable Energy Project.
  • Editor’s Note. Characters of a NRA.
  • Consumer. Draft Consumer Protection Law approved.
  • Competition. Submit a draft law tmodify Law No. 2801, creating a Special Zone for Frontier Development.
  • Financial. Economical Program of the Dominican Republic 20052006: New Stand By Agreement with the International Monetary Fund.
  • Special Edition
  • Executive Summary. Consumer or End User Protection Bill
  • Basic fundamentals and dispositions. (Preamble and Chapter I).
  • Institutional organisms and its faculties. (Chapters II and III)
  • Consumer Rights Protected. (Chapters IV tVI)
  • Obligations and Responsibilities of the Providers. (Chapter IX).
  • Civil and Penal Responsibilities and Sanctions. (Chapter X)
  • Administrative Proceedings, Settlement, and Judicial Actions. (Chapters XI, XII, and XIII).
  • Editor’s Note. Consumer Protection Rights. Autonomous Microsystems of constitutional level.
  • Monetary and Financial Regulation. Resolutions of the Monetary Board.
  • Telecommunications. INDOTEL initiates a public consultancy tmodify the Ruling for Controversies Solutions between Users and Public Services Telecommunications Providers.
  • Energy. The European Commission notified its Members of the delay in the implementation of the European Legislation of Bifuel.
  • Transportation. The European Commission takes action against illegal “Open Sky” agreements.
  • Telecommunications. Free and Loyal Competition Ruling is approved for the Telecommunication sector.
  • Editor’s Note. Schering Plough Corporation, UpsherSmith Laboratories, Inc. v. FTC. 1 New evaluation criteria for patents and licenses’ restriction of commerce reasonability.
  • Monetary and Financial Regulation. Monetary Board Resolutions.
  • Competition. The Executive Power presents a law that modifies Law No. 2801.
  • Aeronautics. International Civil Aviation Organization Meeting.
  • Securities. New Risk Qualifier in our Securities Market.
  • Energy. Choosing your energy.
  • Free Trade. “DRCAFTA” Free Trade Agreement.
  • Note from the Editor. More on AR. Subject of the Month: Arbitration. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Regulated Sectors. Exhaustion prior tthe administrative appeal, for the establishment of the arbitration jurisdiction. State of Debate. A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Telecommunications. Submission of Bill for the modification of Law 15398. By A. Cruz Carrasco.
  • International Trade. Panama: Tax Categorization for certain milk products in detriment of benefits granted by Mexico. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Foreign Investment. The Case of Maffezini v. Spain. By A. Cruz Carrasco.
  • International Arbitration. Bill on International Commercial Arbitration. By: J. Velázquez Morales.
  • ECommerce. Cybersquatting: Alternate Conflict Resolution. By A. Cruz Carrasco.
  • Consumer. Arbitration as a protection of consumers’ rights. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Free Trade. Annulment or Impairment: New legal frontier of the economic reasonability of the FTA. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Note from the Editor. July: A month of multiple economic and financial regulation proposals. A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Competition. Antitrust Bill: Institutional Infrastructure of Rights in the New Economic Development Model of the DR. By A. Noboa Pagán
  • Energy. Freedom of establishment for the exploitation of hydroelectric companies in France, Italy, and Spain. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Unfair Competition. Award/Decision 3 Tenors. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Telecommunications: Indotel examines the Regulations of Service Tariffs and Costs and submits PTFs. By J. Velázquez Morales
  • Financial. July 7, 2005 Resolutions by the Monetary Council. By A. Noboa Pagán and J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Securities. Placement of Business Bonds Begins. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Financial. Bill Regulating Credit Bureaus becomes approved. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • First Anniversary Edition
  • Editor’s Note. Economic efficiency and social and public interest, indeterminate legal concepts subject tthe regulated authority of the Administration. A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Free Trade. Government Actions in connection with the coming intforce of the DRCAFTA. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Securities. Proposal for Housing Financing through the Stock Market. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Consumer: Passing of the Bill for the Protection of Consumer or User Rights. By B. Roa Mateo.
  • Competition: WTdesignates arbitrator in the disagreement regarding cigarettes between Honduras and the DR. By B. Roa Mateo.
  • Editor’s Note. Our Proposal for the Antitrust Law and the Statement of Motives (A. Noboa Pagán).
  • Editor’s Note. Facing the DRCAFTA. The approval and Promulgation of the Tax Reform Law. By A. Noboa Pagán – B. Roa Mateo.
  • Financial. Monetary and Financial Administration Resolutions of September 20, 2005. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Economic Constitutional. The Supreme Court of Justice determines Articles 63, 80 and 143 of the Tax Code tbe unconstitutional. By B. Roa Mateo.
  • Competition. US Justice vs. National Association of Realtors “NAR”. NAR amended policy continues obstructing Internet based
  • Competition (Source DOJ, translation A. Noboa Pagán).
  • Editor’s Note. Construction of Tax Exemption Rules. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Health. Bill Regulating Processes against Health Providers is presented tthe House of Representatives (Chamber of Deputies). By B. Roa Mateo.
  • Institutionalism: The Dominican Republic Senate Makes Public Credit Bill inta Law. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Competition. The US Federal Trade Commission Campaigns against Anticompetitive Agreements in the Pharmaceutical Industry. By B. Roa Mateo.
  • Financial. Resolutions from December 8, 2005 by the Monetary and Financial Administration. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Special Edition. The Principle of the Tax Capacity and its integration along other Constitutional Objectives in the Consumption Tax Exemption Systems. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Executive Summary: Regulation for the Protection of User of Financial Services. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Editor’s Note. Dominican Senate is studying a Competition Bill. Pricefixing agreements prohibition rules of construction, according tUS·s SCJ. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Institutional. Bill for purchase and contract of goods, works, services, and concessions under review by the National Congress. By B. Roa Mateo.
  • Telecommunications. INDOTEL passes resolution establishing the supplementary rule to law No. 12602. By B. Roa Mateo.
  • Competition/Telecommunications. EU opens antitrust probe intTelefonica. (Resource: The Associated Press/Brussels, Belgium)
  • Tax. DGII issues general rule providing the settlement and payment process for the payment of asset taxes. By B. Roa Mateo
  • Editor’s Note. Autonomy of the Will and Regulation. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Financial. Monetary Council Resolutions of March 9 and March 23, 2006. By J. Velázquez Morales.
  • Editor’s Note. US Antitrust Modernization Commission. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Executive Summary. Petition of unconstitutionality of articles 1 and 7 of the concession contract held by LEIDSA and the Dominican State. By. Y. Martínez Oller
  • Telecommunications/Antitrust. Albert O. Stein v. Pacific Bell’s DSL Services. By Y. Martínez Oller.
  • Intellectual Property / Anticompetitive Agreements. Federal Trade Commission v. Schering Plough Corporation (petition for a writ of certiorari). By Y. Martínez Oller.
  • Editor’s Note. Legal debate on intellectual property and antitrust law. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Tax Law. Bill No. 22606 that grants corporate personhood, functional, budgetary, administrative, and technical autonomy, and own patrimony the Ministry of Customs (Known by its acronym in Spanish DGA). By Y. Martínez Oller
  • Tax Law. Bill No. 22706 that grants corporate personhood, functional, budgetary, administrative, and technical autonomy, and own patrimony tthe Ministry of Internal Taxes (Known by its acronym in Spanish DGII). By Y. Martínez Oller
  • Tax Law. Statute that regulates the printing, emission, and delivery of fiscal vouchers. By Y. Martínez Oller.
  • Editor’s Note. Undervaluation of imported merchandise and antitrust law. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Information Technology. The Dominican Republic joins the WTO’s Information Technology Agreement. By Y. Martínez Oller
  • Securities. Agreement on the first Securitization Company in the Dominican Republic. By Y. Martínez Oller
  • ECommerce. INDOTEL Board of Directors Ruling number 11306 that decides on the total of the bond or responsibility insurance that should hire the companies that request tbe acknowledged as certifying entities, tcover the possible damages that can be caused to digital certificates subscribers. By Y. Martínez Oller.
  • II Anniversary
  • Editors Note. BR’s Second Anniversary. By A. Noboa Pagán.
  • Financial and monetary. The Junta Monetaria (Monetary Board) dictates its First Resolution on the issuance of MortgageBackedSecurities. By Y. Martínez Oller.
  • Fiscal. The DGII dictated Guideline No. 0506 on reimbursement texporters and Guideline No. 0606 on turnover tincentive laws beneficiaries. By Y. Martínez Oller
  • International Trade. The Dominican Republic becomes a Contracting Party the Harmonized System Convention. By Y. Martínez Oller
  • International Trade. DRCAFTA Implementation Bill 42406. By Y. Martínez Oller
  • Constitutional. Sentence that declares the unconstitutionality of Article 1 of Law 23605, which modifies Law 2801 that dismounts the tax benefits awarded by the tax exemption tthe Companies of Frontier Development, and violation of Article 110 of the Constitution of the Republic. By Y. Martínez Oller
  • Constitutional. Law No.43706 that establishes the Protection of Human Rights Recourse (Recursde Amparo). By Y. Martínez Oller
  • Competition. The Revision Report of the General Bill on Competition Protection, prepared by the Committee of Industry and Commerce of the House of Representatives, has been approved. (T. Agramonte).
  • Energy. The Renewable Energy Project is now a Law. (T. Agramonte)
  • III Anniversary
  • ADMINISTRATIVE. New government procurement system.  (T. Agramonte Hidalgo)

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