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Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade Regulation
in the DR

The Dominican Republic journeys through a market opening process, reflected in the gradual dismantle of tariffs and other facilities provided in trade agreements, as well as by the enactment and execution of laws that incentive trade and investment.  The DR is a founding member-state of the World Trade Organization and consequently, its public authorities have gradually perfected the internal rules that govern the trade of goods, services and intangibles, to promote the growth of the economy and welfare of its population. 

Liberalization is also prompted by the signature of important bilateral and regional trade agreements such as the Free Trade Agreement with United States and Central America (DR-CAFTA), CARICOM, the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union, as well as others that are in the negotiation phase, such as Taiwan and Canada, as well as many others that are to be discussed in the future with the MERCOSUR countries, Mexico, and others.

Our experience in foreing trade

The management of the content, reach, complementary rules of implementation and administration of international trade agreements, as well as the national measures that impact the international exchange of goods and services, constitute a special fortress of NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS

Among the national measures related to trade and investment, on which our firm has rendered services to its clients, are Law 173 on Representative Agents, Importers of Merchandise and Products, Law 16-95 on Foreign Investment, Law 28-01 on Incentives to Frontier Development and Law 1-02 on Dumping and Safeguard Measures. 

Our service offer in foreign trade

Our firm maintains an active one and up to date offering of counseling and representation services in order to take advantage of the rules of international trade, as well as to negotiate administrative processes and resolve conflicts originated in discussions on prerogatives and obligations established in the different trade agreements subscribed by the Dominican State, as well as in the national legislation that impacts transnational activities. 

In NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS we have an integral knowledge of the WTO agreements, relating to trade of goods, services and copyright, having practical experience in the interpretation in the matters of access to market, the general agreement of trade of services and its annexes, TRIPS, the investment agreement, the technical obstacles to trade, the safeguard measures, subsidies and antidumping, among others. 

Also, we have skills in the execution and interpretation of the commitments assumed in different chapters of the DR-CAFTA, as well as the agreed with CARICOM, while we are up to date in the evolution of negotiations in the multilateral level and other bilateral at present under way. 

The firm’s clientele finds the opportunity to acquire an integral vision of the destiny of its business or sector in the new judicial framework of international law, in the negotiations agenda, thanks to our constant supervision on the evolution of the subject and our interrelation with other law firms in the United States and Central America, specialized in the domestic legislations of trade of those territories.

Distinguished accomplishments

  • At the request of CHEMONICS and supporting the work of the international consultant Velia Govaere, Angelica Noboa participated in drafting the internal rules of operation of the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Administration of Free Trade Agreements (DICOEX) as part of the DR-CAFTA implementation project, funded by USAID.

  • Currently, our firm provides legal advice to two corporative associations with a legitimate interest in the first national provisional and definitive safeguard measures process before the National Commission for Unfair Practices and Safeguard Measures.

NPA articles on foreign trade

  • "Customs Legal Regime" by A. Noboa Pagán

  • "Annulment and lessening:  New Legal Border of the economic reasonability of the NAFTA."  A. Noboa Pagán.

  • "DR joins the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System of the World Customs Organization.” by Y. Martínez Oller.

  • "Actions of the government related to the execution of the DR-CAFTA" by J. Velásquez Morales

  • "Undervaluation of imported merchandise and unfair competition" by A. Noboa Pagán

  • "OMC dictates in case Honduras vs.  Dominican republic" by A. Cruz Carrasco

Note:  It is worth mentioning that during her work at the DGA, Angelica Noboa participated and coordinated the preparation of the Customs Bill, a proposal which intended to reform the customs regime currently in force, in order to adapt to customs procedures to new roles of control and trade facilitation.

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