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Firm Profile

Areas of concentration

NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS focuses its legal practice mainly in the market and foreign trade regulation that impacts the commercial transactions of goods and services en the Dominican Republic.

These new laws of recent integration to the national normative body, cover aspects such as:

  • Market Access
  • Services Regulation (telecommunications, financial products, transportation, among others)
  • Copyright
  • Public Offering of Stocks
  • Bond Emissions and other securities
  • Promotion of free competition and repression of anticompetitive practice
  • Generation, transmission and distribution of electric power
  • Investment in telecommunications infrastructure
  • Network Interconnection
  • Unfair competition and antidumping measures,
  • Consumer protection Rules
  • Mergers and concentrations
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Tax exemption regimes and other tax subject
  • Negotiation and administration of trade agreements
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Administrative Resources and legal actions
  • Commercial Arbitration and other alternative conflicts solution

Our Strength

Our strength resides in the consolidation of competitive advantages that aim toward the accomplishments of effective results to satisfy the needs of the client.  Among them, we emphasize our adaptability to the requests and specific work modalities of the client from our standard of personalization of the client-partner relationship; the focalization of the firm’s service in an administrable ensemble of cases, the strict management of our policy of conflicts of interest and confidentiality; the high degree of specialization maintained in the subject matter of our practice, based on accumulated experiences and permanent study, all which permits us to provide a high-quality, effective, and expert service. 

Dimension of our services

The advising and representation to clients of NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS, covers diverse sectors and activities of the Dominican economy.  Companies, institutions and individuals, national and foreign, procuring the exercise, support and defense of operation rights and exchange of their services and products, use our services. 

The transversal character of new WTO trade laws, the Free Trade Agreement between the Central American countries, the Dominican Republic and the United States (known by its acronyms in English DR-CAFTA) and the rebirth of the economic rights contained in the Constitution of the Republic, thanks to the levels of autonomy and modernization reached by the Judicial Branch, expand the spectrum of the judicial security within the country. 

The services, especially the public utilities of telecommunications, energy, stocks, financial, civil aeronautics, drinking water supply, transportation, ports and airports; as well as the professional services, the electronic commerce, among others, are found nowadays submitted to a rigorous economic legislation. 

Also, the industrial, agroindustrial and commercial productive sectors, buyers and salespersons of raw material and finished products in the local and international markets, have known the way in which the new rules have changed their business tasks.

The firm in the community

Our firm ethical standard in law practice, along with the business challenge assumed by NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS in the constant production of ideas and solutions in the academic and public debate, in the legal areas that constitute its specialty, are essential elements of our positioning.  This modality of work increases the confidence of our clients in our level and professional style. 

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