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The generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electricity has a cross importance in all the domestic economy. Its sustained growth constitutes one of the most important challenges of the present decade to the Nation. The interpretation of the General Law 125-01 on Electricity, its Regulation of Application, the concession contracts in force and other pieces of the Dominican law that conform the normative body of this sector, are sources of constant interest by the agents of this market. Additionally, the perspectives of reform increase the relevance of the analytic study of the regulation of market oriented to the efficiency and execution of the objectives of promotion and guarantee of electricity, participation of the private investment, promotion of competition, regulation of prices of monopolistic activities, neutrality and non discrimination in the supply of the services and protection of the rights of the users, as well as of the judicial security of the providers.

Our knowledge of the legal and judicial instruments that contribute to the efficiency in the operation of an economy of networks is a notable fortress of NOBOA PAGAN ABOGADOS that has lead us to participate in the advising and representation of significant cases in the electric sector. In the beginning of our operation we represented businesses involved in the generation and distribution activities, in important legal and administrative actions, including an action in unconstitutionality, injunction recourses, administrative reconsideration and hierarchical resources, as well as position documents and legal opinions. This defined incursion of our firm in the energy sector is the result of a deep and continuous study and comparison work of the better practices of the market regulation of public utilities, the participation in training in international academic institutions, such as the Public Utilities Research Center (PURC) of the University of Florida, United States and the Getulio Vargas Foundation, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, both events sponsored by the World Bank, among other efforts.

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